Melinda Matthews

Information & Referral Officer

Melinda joined SPELD NSW as a Referral Officer in 2013 and is a specialist learning and attention tutor. Melinda has undertaken and attended numerous courses related to learning and attention difficulties including completion of SPELD’s Teachers Certificate Course for Students with Learning Difficulties and a supervised practicum training in The Orton-Gillingham approach to Multisensory Structured Language Education through the Canadian Reach Learning Centre.

“As an adult I can look back on my school and university days and understand why I struggled academically. I wasn’t dumb or lazy. I did try, so how could I do better if no one understood where I was coming from? Now I know my struggles were due to having dyslexia and ADHD. As a parent of twins, who both have learning and attention difficulties I now walk two paths; one as having learning and attention difficulties, and the other as a mother advocating and supporting my children.

I am passionate about helping people. I want children with learning and attention difficulties to succeed in life with their self-esteem and confidence intact.”

Prior to having children Melinda worked as an architect. With her background and experience she brings a unique perspective to her role as an Information and Referral Officer with SPELD NSW.

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