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SPELD SA Decodable Readers

SPELD SA Decodable Readers

SPELD SA Decodable Reader Book Pack

This Book Pack contains all of the titles in the SPELD SA Decodable Book Series.  The readers can be used in reading groups or as take home readers.

  • Set 1 (10 books): s a t p i n
  • Set 2 (10 books): c k ck e h r m d
  • Set 3 (10 books): g o u l f b
  • Set 4 (10 books): ai j oa ie ee
  • Set 5 (10 books): z w ng v oo
  • Set 6 (10 books): y x sh ch th
  • Set 7 (10 books): qu ou oi ue er ar
  • Set 8 (10 books): y (sunny), a (apron), a-e (cake), e (female), e-e (eve), i (silent), i-e (kite), o (open), o-e (home), u (student), u-e (tune)
  • Set 9 (10 books):  ay (play), ey (they), oy (toy), y (mystery), ea (dream), ie (chief), y (dry), igh (night)
  • Set 10 (10 books): oe (toe), ow (rainbow), ow (now), ir (bird), ur (turn), ew (few), au (launch), aw (paw), al (talk)

When selecting your pack you can choose a pack with one, four or six copies of each set of readers.  SPELD NSW Members receive discounts at the online store.

  • Pack with 1 copy of the readers
  • Pack with 4 copies of the readers
  • Pack with 6 copies of the readers


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