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Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

Professional Learning

Professional Learning

SPELD NSW offers professional learning and consulting services for schools, teachers and professionals who work with students with specific learning difficulties or who are interested in evidence-based literacy and numeracy instruction.

We run regular publicly scheduled sessions on a range of specific topics and we are available to run in-school professional learning days, half-days or after school workshops.

Our workshops focus on evidence-based literacy and numeracy instruction and best-practice approaches to teach and support students with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia. Workshops are suitable for classroom teachers, learning support teachers and teachers’ aides, tutors, speech pathologists and other allied health professionals.

Programming and scope and sequences

SPELD NSW specialises in supporting schools to develop phonics and spelling scope and sequences that best align decodables text, high frequency words and morphology.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you develop whole school approaches to literacy instruction.

School Essentials Series

The SPELD NSW Schools Essential Series are a set of Professional Learning modules that focus on developing teacher discipline knowledge in literacy and numeracy, bridging the gap between contemporary research and pedagogy and supporting teachers in adopting evidence-based instruction that leads to best outcomes for ALL students, including those with Specific Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. 

Each series is themed and targeted at a specific area of learning: Literacy, Mathematics, Specific Learning Difficulties. The workshops are carefully designed to provide robust and deep learning across each series, however, each workshop can be taken as individual Professional Learning courses.

Decodable Book and Resource Demonstrations

SPELD NSW provides decodable book and resource demonstrations to schools. Contact us if you would like to attend a zoom walk-through the range of phonics and decodable book resources we offer. It is a great opportunity to gain expert insights into various scope and sequences and understand how the decodable book and phonics resources can be used best to support your learners. 

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