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Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

Support and Adjustments

Support for students with learning difficulties

All students deserve an education that supports their learning needs.

Students with literacy or numeracy difficulties require sufficient intervention to enable these students to continue to develop their literacy or numeracy skills.

It is important that students have their literacy or numeracy skills assessed to allow for explicit, systematic and evidence-based intervention that targets their areas of difficulty. 

While students are receiving intervention to support them developing their literacy or numeracy skills, adjustments can be made to allow them to access the learning in the classroom and demonstrate their knowledge in assessments.

What are adjustments?

Adjustments are changes made to planning, teaching, assessments & reporting, the environment and resources in order that students with learning difficulties can access the syllabus outcomes and content and demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

The Adjustments InfoSheets (see below) provide information about adjustments for classroom and homework, assessments, programming and intervention for students with literacy and numeracy difficulties. The Adjustments Infosheets outline the suggested adjustments and some best practice inclusive teaching practices to support ALL students with reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.

Disability Discrimination Act

The Disability Discrimination Act 1922 Cth provides that education authorities must make changes or “reasonable adjustments” to how a student with disability accesses an educational course, the course delivery and the assessment procedures.  ​

The obligations under the disability discrimination laws are clarified in the Disability Standards for Education 2005.  These standards provide more details about the obligations of educators when making adjustments for students with disability. 

InfoSheets On Adjustments

SPELD NSW InfoSheet on Adjustments for Dyslexia
SPELD NSW InfoSheet on Adjustments for Dysgraphia
SPELD NSW InfoSheet on Adjustments for Dyscalculia


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