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Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

Literacy Resources Hub

Welcome to the SPELD NSW Literacy Resources Hub!  SPELD NSW has created practical resources and tools for teachers, literacy tutors, parents and schools to use when working with beginning readers and students receiving literacy intervention and support.  Our goal is to support you with practical, easy to use and effective resources!   

Available through this Resources Hub is the SPELD NSW Phonics and Morphology Scope and Sequence for Reading and Spelling for Kindergarten and Year 1, a range of Phonics and Morphology Resources, our collection of Decodable Book Selectors to assist you to select and organise your Decodable Readers and our engaging Reading Strategies bookmarks to support students in using effective word reading, decoding and work attack strategies.  

SPELD NSW Members will be able to access additional literacy resources through the SPELD NSW Members’ Portal.  Join now to access these resources and provide support to children and adults with specific learning difficulties!

Reading Strategies Bookmarks

Phonics and Morphology Scope and Sequence

Decodable Book Selectors

Phonics Resources

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