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Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

Advancing the education and
welfare of children and adults with specific learning difficulties

Between 1 and 3 students in every classroom in New South Wales may experience difficulties with learning.

We can help.

We are parents, teachers, tutors and professionals with a shared commitment to early identification, effective intervention and support for children and adults with specific learning difficulties, like dyslexia. 

If your child struggles at school or at home with reading, writing, spelling and maths and you’re looking for support get in touch. Not all children will have a specific learning difficulty but it’s important to seek support early.

If you’re looking for support start here or contact the SPELD Infoline today.​

Latest News

Upcoming Workshops

SPELD NSW provides professional learning for teachers, tutors, speech pathologists and psychologists. Our workshops focus on evidence-based literacy and numeracy instruction and best-practice approaches to teach and support students with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia. 

What the English K-2 Syllabus Looks Like in the Classroom: Understanding Key Concepts and Outcomes – Newcastle

WHEN: 9.00am - 3.30pm,

23 February 2024

Get to know the key concepts in the new K-2 English Syllabus and understand how to support student outcomes in the classroom.

Help Me Read! Strategies for Struggling Readers – Port Macquarie

WHEN: 9:00am - 3:30pm,

6 March 2024

Learn about targeted strategies to add to your reading instruction tool box!

UFLI Foundations Workshop – Parramatta

WHEN: 9:00am - 3:30pm,

6 March 2024

UFLI Foundations is an explicit and systematic phonics program that introduces students to the foundational reading skills necessary for proficient reading.

Evidence-Based Reading in Action – Parramatta

WHEN: 9.00am - 3.30pm,

7 March 2024

A hands-on course that helps teachers bring evidence-based reading instruction to life in their classrooms!

Teaching Reading in the Early Years – Parramatta

WHEN: 9:00am - 3.30pm, 3 days starting on,

12 March 2024

Learn how to plan, implement and assess early reading skills through explicit, systematic and differentiated instruction, consistent with the new NSW English K-2 syllabus.

Online Store

You can purchase decodable readers, C-Pens, phonemic awareness kits, Understanding Learning Difficulties guides and other literacy and numeracy resources for schools, teachers, tutors, speech pathologists and families from the SPELD NSW online store.  SPELD NSW members receive discounts on decodable readers and other resources.  

Decodable Readers K-2

A wide range of quality decodable readers suitable for students in K-2, available in individual sets and Classroom Packs.

Intervention and Catch-Up Resources

Engaging and effective decodable readers and other resources for use with students who are working to catch-up their reading skills and undertaking intervention.

Literacy Resources

Resource books and guides including AUSPELD Understanding Learning Difficulties. Talk for Writing and Vocabulary resources and phonics games and activities.

Maths Games and Activities

Fun and effective range of maths games and activities.

Contact Us

If you are looking for support for your family, yourself, your student or your school contact us.

AUSPELD strives to ensure that all Australian students are successful learners and that all teachers are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills they need. In the last 12 months, the state SPELDs have supported students and teachers Australia-wide: 

assisted and supported over 32,000 teachers and allied health professionals
provided 857 days of evidence-informed training, Australia-wide
assisted and supported over 79,000 families and individual students
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