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Decodable Readers

Decodable Readers for K-2 Students

Decodable readers are a great resource to support students learning to read.

Decodable readers are specially constructed to allow students to practise their decoding skills.  They are made up of words that students can decode and a small number of high frequency, irregular words that students have been taught.  By allowing students to apply their letter-sound knowledge and blending skills to read words in connected text, decodable readers can greatly assist students improve their reading accuracy and fluency.

Regular practise reading decodable books, with words that students can successfully decode, can boost confidence, allow mastery of letter-sounds relationships and allow students to apply their emerging reading skills.

SPELD NSW sells a selection of high quality decodable readers to support classroom teachers, learning support teachers, tutors and families.  We have put together a range of classroom packs of decodable readers that are a great resource for classrooms and learning support teams.  Please get in touch with us if you would like some advice or information about the purchase of decodable readers. 

On this page we have brought together information about all the different decodable book series that SPELD NSW stocks that are ideal for students in Kindergarten to Year 2.

Kindy Reader

Dandelion Phonic Books – Beginner Readers and Workbooks

Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers are a series of synthetic phonic reading books that support any structured phonics programme a school is following.  The books can be used for individual or group reading.

These readers are for beginner readers aged 4 to 8 years old.  They are specifically designed to launch children into the process of learning to read providing extensive opportunities for reading practise.

The English Phonic Code is complex and needs to be introduced to the learner in a step-by-step progression, starting from the simple part of the Code and progressing to the more complex part. These books introduce the sounds gradually and sounds learned from previous units are continually reinforced.  The sounds introduced in each unit are displayed on the front and inside covers of each book.  The “How to use” page on the inside of each book offers careful guidance on the skills and knowledge covered in that book.  Each book includes a reading game, which provides a multi-sensory approach to revising the new phonic knowledge and skills introduced in the book.

Pip and Tim Little Learners

Little Learners Love Literacy Decodable Readers, Games and Resources

Little Learners Love Literacy is an explicit and sequential literacy program that teaches ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence.  Created from evidence-based research, it includes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary knowledge, fluency and comprehension.  The Pip and Tim and Wiz Kids Decodable Readers provide students with a wonderful introduction to reading with engaging decodable stories and characters.  Each stage is sequentially taught so that children can learn, apply and practise their developing skills in connected text.

SPELD SA Decodable Readers

Snappy Sounds

Introduce a love of reading to young readers with these attractive decodable books and provide them with opportunities for daily reading and practise of blending and segmenting skills.  Snappy Sounds readers have interesting and engaging stories and great characters.    The Snappy Sounds range has 9 sets, each with 10 readers, to give students lots of opportunities to practise their phonic skills.  

Traditional Tales

Letters and Sounds Decodable Readers

Letters and Sounds is a popular phonics scope and sequence that is used widely.  It is similar to other scope and sequences including the Dandelion / Sounds-Write scope and sequence and the NSW Department of Education sample scope and sequence.  We have gathered a collection of high quality decodable readers that follow the letters and sounds scope and sequence, including:

  • Fun and quirky Pocket Rocket decodable readers from Australia
  • Engaging decodable readers from Sunshine
  • Attractive and exciting readers from Project X Hero and Alien Adventures from Oxford University Press
  • Retellings of Traditional Tales from Oxford University Press
  • A pack of decodable home readers for Kindergarten students from Big Cat Phonics
Sounds Write Group

Sounds Write

Sounds~Write© is an exciting and highly successful approach to the teaching of reading, spelling and writing utilising a linguistic phonic approach.  Sounds-Write have put together a collection of readers that follow the Sounds-Write / Dandelion scope and sequence:

  • Sounds Write Readers for the Initial Phonic Code

  • Sounds Write Readers for the Extended Code

  • Sounds Write Decodable Informational Texts: Fact File: Animal Series.


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