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Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

Parent Workshops

Parents and carers are welcome to attend our Parent Information Workshops to learn more about how to support their children with learning difficulties. Our workshops focus on evidence-based literacy and numeracy instruction and best-practice approaches to teach and support students with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia. Parent workshops are held regularly at the SPELD NSW offices in Parramatta and as live webinars and can be held as evening workshops for parents in your school or region. ​

Parent Webinar – Understanding Learning Difficulties

WHEN: 7pm-8.30pm,

13 October 2021

This workshop supports parents in understanding how we define specific learning difficulties and how to ensure your child is getting the support they need with their learning.

Parent Webinar – Understanding ADHD

WHEN: 7pm-8.30pm,

3 November 2021

This workshop is aimed at parents and carers to help them understand and provide support to students with ADHD.

Dyslexia Awareness Month – Free Dyslexia Workshop

WHEN: 3:30pm - 4:30pm,

27 October 2021

This workshop provides you with an introduction to Dyslexia (what it is and what it is NOT) and helps you understand how evidence-based instruction helps children with reading difficulties achieve success in literacy. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the amazing reading brain and with some strategies you can apply straight away to support struggling readers!

Parent Webinar – Supporting Literacy at Home in the Holidays

WHEN: 7pm-8.30pm,

17 November 2021

This workshop will provide some practical strategies to help you support your child with their literacy skills during your holidays. Join us to learn about some fun and authentic activities you can use during the school break to support language development and key reading and spelling skills.
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