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Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

Learning Difficulties Resources

Information on learning difficulties

A great place to start when looking for information about specific learning difficulties like dyslexia is the AUSPELD Understanding Learning Difficulties Guide for Parents available as a free download or in hard-copy through the SPELD NSW Store. 

On this page we have collated the SPELD NSW InfoSheets and a range of resources that you can use to find more information on supporting students with specific learning difficulties.

SPELD NSW Members can also access our Members’ Resources Area online.

Dyslexia Awareness Month October

Each year, October is recognized worldwide as Dyslexia Awareness Month, a time to come together to raise awareness, share resources, and tell stories about dyslexia successes.

SPELD NSW InfoSheets

You can download and share the SPELD NSW InfoSheets to support families, teachers, tutors and schools. 

SPELD NSW Dyslexia
SPELD NSW Dysgraphia InfoSheet
SPELD NSW Dyscalculia InfoSheet
Reading Intervention Programs for Use at Home
Maths Apps and Online Program
Maths Apps and Online Programs
SPELD NSW Dyslexia Adjustments Infosheet
SPELD NSW Dysgraphia Adjustments Infosheet
SPELD NSW Dyscalculia Adjustments Infosheet

Digital Resources

Share the SPELD NSW Facts with your networks. Download these social media graphics, copy and share the facts to raise awareness during October for Dyslexia Awareness month. 
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If you have dyslexia there’s a 40% chance that an immediate family member will also have dyslexia.

Dyslexia is not a vision issue and cannot be resolved by vision interventions such as coloured glasses or eye exercises.

Students with dyslexia can also struggle with numeracy skills and may also have language disorders or ADHD.

Children and adults with dyslexia can have difficulties with accurate and fluent word recognition, spelling, writing and reading comprehension

Students with dyslexia can improve their reading and spelling skills with evidence-based literacy instruction and intervention.

Did you know? Dyslexia is a learning difficulty affecting five to ten percent of the population. There are students with dyslexia in EVERY classroom.

Dyslexia Quotes

Share these quotes about dyslexia with your networks. Download these social media graphics, copy and share to raise awareness during October for Dyslexia Awareness month. 
Tag us at @SPELDNSW #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth #UntilEveryOneCanRead

Thank you for joining us to raise awareness this Dyslexia Awareness Month

Tag us at @SPELDNSW #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth #UntilEveryOneCanRead


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