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Literacy Resources

SPELD NSW offers a number of literacy resources which you can order directly through our online store.
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Understanding Learning Difficulties Guides

Australian resources designed by AUSPELD to provide a greater awareness and understanding of the impact that the specific learning disabilities can have on students, and to outline the most effective support, remediation and accommodation strategies available to these students in the classroom.

Forward with Phonics for Older Learners

These books contain photocopiable resources suitable for older children, adults and EAL/D learners. The phonic progression used in the books matches that in the Sounds-Write program and Dandelion Readers. These books are a great additional resource for any teacher who is introducing phonics to their students in a structured sequence.


The C-Pen Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text aloud (or via headphones) with a human-like digital voice.  The C-Pen Reader can give students and adults with reading difficulties an easy way to access text.

Phonemic Awareness Kit & Toe by Toe


SoundCheck include a range of activities for the explicit teaching of reading and spelling.  It shows children how to hear a word, segment it into sounds and then select the letters necessary to spell it. The books are easy to use with step-by-step instructions, lists of words and games provided for each of the 26 units. Each SoundCheck has an assessment for pre and post testing as well as an explanation of where to start, comprehensive teacher’s notes, ideas for phonemic awareness warm-ups and blackline masters to generate all necessary classroom activities. SoundCheck can be used with groups and individuals. It is easy to use both in the classroom and at home.

Lyn Stone's books

Lyn Stone’s Reading for Life, Spelling for Life and Language for Life provide accessible guides to understanding how to best develop reading, spelling and language skills for your students!

The Word Wasp and Hornet Literacy Primer

The Word Wasp, like the Hornet Literacy Primer, is a manual for teaching literacy skills: both reading and spelling. It too can be used by anyone. In short: you do not need to be a teacher or a professional: A coach needs a moderate ability to read the English language. Harry Cowling Co-author of Toe by Toe.

researchED Guides


This accessible and punchy series, overseen by researchED founder Tom Bennett, tackles the most important topics in education, with a range of experienced contributors exploring the latest evidence and research and how it can apply in a variety of classroom settings. 


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