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Literacy Games and Activities

Literacy Games and Activities

These literacy games and activities are a great resource to practice fundamental literacy skills.

Pip and Tim Little Learners

Little Learners Love Literacy Decodable Readers, Games and Resources

Little Learners Love Literacy is an explicit and sequential literacy program that teaches ALL children to read, write and spell with confidence.  Created from evidence-based research, it includes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary knowledge, fluency and comprehension.  The Pip and Tim and Wiz Kids Decodable Readers provide students with a wonderful introduction to reading with engaging decodable stories and characters.  Each stage is sequentially taught so that children can learn, apply and practise their developing skills in connected text.

Talisman Card Games

Spelfabet Short Vowel Word Building Cards

  • SSV Spelfabet Short Vowel Word Building Cards
    SSV Spelfabet Short Vowel Word Building Cards

    This is a fast, easy word-building and word-changing game for two players who know at least one sound for each letter of the alphabet. It provides practice in:
    – blending sounds into one-syllable words,
    – manipulating sounds in and out of words,
    – the two and three-letter consonant spellings sh, ch, th, wh, ck, ng, ll, ss, tch and dge.
    – understanding that some spellings/sounds only occur before vowels, and some only occur after vowels.


Powerful Vowels

Phonics FlashCards


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