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SPELD NSW Assessment Booking

SPELD NSW Assessment Booking Form

Thank you for your interest in booking an assessment with SPELD NSW. Please complete this form if you would like to book an assessment with SPELD NSW.

Information About the Person Being Assessed

Date of Birth of person being assessed(Required)

Contact Details

Reason for Assessment Booking

Previous Assessments

Has the person being assessed undertaken any previous assessments?(Required)


Has the person being assessed received at least 6 months targeted intervention in any of these areas?(Required)
Please note that before a diagnosis of a specific learning disorder can be made, it is essential that a child being assessed has received at least six months of intervention focused on improving their skills in their academic area of difficulty. These six months of intervention can include targeted instruction from a specialist tutor or allied health professional, in-school intervention by a learning support teacher in small groups or one-on-one, and (in some circumstances) a parent at home.

Assessment Booking

For more information on the different assessment types please see our website.
Which assessment would you like to book?(Required)
Location of Testing(Required)
Please note that Online Assessment is only available to clients in regional and rural areas and clients in Sydney who have a disability or illness that makes it difficult to attend the SPELD NSW Office.

Next Steps in the Booking Process

After you submit this form, SPELD NSW Clinic will then send you an email with some forms for you, your child's teacher, and any tutors to complete and we will ask you to return the completed forms plus some additional paperwork (including school reports).
Once we receive the completed paperwork, we will contact you to book a date for the assessment.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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