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Intervention and Catchup Resources

Are you looking for Intervention and Catchup Resources for older readers? SPELD NSW sells a selection of resources in our online shops specifically for older students.  These are great resources for classrooms and learning support teams.

Dandelion Phonic Books – Catch-up Readers and Workbooks

Fantasy Series

Dandelion’s popular Catch-up Readers and Workbooks are suitable for readers aged 8 – 14 and are designed to introduce the English Phonic Code in small sequential steps.  The purpose of these Series is to fill in the missing gaps in phonic skills and knowledge for older students that are preventing the pupils from making progress and becoming fluent readers.

Special features to engage students include:

  • Age-appropriate illustrations and storyline involving quests and missions in chapter book format;
  • Each Reader has reading practice and vocabulary pages to develop receptive and expressive language;
  • Multi-syllable words split into syllables on each page to assist the reader.

Comprehensive workbooks supporting each set of Readers include pre and post reading activities.

SPELD NSW has put together a range of classroom packs of decodable readers made up from the high quality decodable readers that we stock. These packs are a great resource for classrooms and learning support teams.

Each pack contains multiple copies of each book in the series.  These readers can be used in reading groups, intervention programs or as take-home readers. The Catch-up Readers Moon Dog Pack, Adventure Pack and Fantasy Pack are great resources for students in years 2 to 8 who are working to develop their phonics and blending skills. 

Sound Out Non-Fiction Decodable Readers

The InfoMAG books are small non-fiction books that make informational text highly accessible for struggling readers. Crammed with lively graphics and enticing pictures, each book contains about 15 short reading passages in a variety of engaging formats, from e-mails and blogs to restaurant menus and lists of idioms, all while maintaining a 75% decodability ratio! Designed for independent or one-on-one reading, the InfoMAG books are suitable for students at a range of decoding abilities and support development of decoding skills and informational/non-fiction reading at the same time.

The City Secrets, X Sports and Cool Rides informational text series use short, but complete sentences to convey the history and facts of the featured topics.  These books are decodable and are aimed at students with sound decoding skills and knowledge of the extended code. 
Each book contains lists of fully decodable story words and high frequency words at the end of each book.

Forward with Phonics for Older Learners

These books contain photocopiable resources suitable for older children, adults and EAL/D learners. The phonic progression used in the books matches that in the Sounds-Write program and Dandelion Readers. These books are a great additional resource for any teacher who is introducing phonics to their students in a structured sequence.

Fresh Start Anthologies

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Anthologies are motivating, full-colour, magazine-style texts to provide phonics practice for students in upper primary and early high school who are consolidating their phonics code knowledge. They contain a variety of lively non-fiction, poetry and fiction texts, including quizzes, playscripts and comic strips, to motivate the students to read.


The C-Pen Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text aloud (or via headphones) with a human-like digital voice.  The C-Pen Reader can give students and adults with reading difficulties an easy way to access text.

Toe by Toe, The Word Wasp and Hornet Literacy Primer

Toe by Toe, The Word Wasp and Hornet Literacy Primer are small books that can be used to help develop literacy skills with students who are struggling to develop literacy.  They can be used by anyone and you don’t need to be a teacher or a professional.   Toe by Toe focuses on reading only and Word Wasp focuses on reading and spelling.

Focus on Tap Teen and Adult Phonics Library App

The TAP or Teen & Adult Phonics Library app for iOS, the TAP School Editions (no in-app purchases) for iOS and Android (Chromebooks) offer a series of decodable novels aimed at a teen and adult audience. Each book in the series seeks to blend sequential and decodable phonics with real literature containing sophisticated, sometimes gritty, themes. The app and individual novels are designed by specialists to be used by specialist dyslexia/literacy teachers, schools and parents as well as teens and adults seeking to learn to read. Care has been taken to build a positive  experience for older emergent readers especially those with ADHD, Dyslexia and ASD.

These Apps are developed and sold by SPELD NSW tutor Victoria Leslie.  


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