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Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

SPELD NSW Board of Directors

David Kinnane

B.Bus, LLB (Hons.), MSLP, CPSP
SPELD NSW Board Member

David Kinnane joined the SPELD NSW Board in 2019. David runs an independent speech, language and reading clinic Banter Speech & Language based in Sydney.

“Children and adults who struggle to read miss out on many of the opportunities good readers take for granted. Helping people to learn to read is important work – too important to waste time, energy and money on false ideas and programs that don’t work.” David Kinnane

He blogs regularly about language and literacy and authored a number of ebooks including ‘Reading Problems and What to do About Them.’

David holds a Master of Speech Language Pathology from the University of Sydney and is an elected member of Speech Pathology Australia’s Ethics Board. David is passionate about helping people achieve their academic, work and life goals.

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