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School is back and phonics is mandated as compulsory for all NSW primary school students

School is back and phonics is mandated as compulsory for all NSW primary school students with schools now required to take an evidence based approach to how our children learn to read.

“This year, for the first time, a universal approach to teaching reading will be taken by NSW public school teachers; the phonics approach.” ABC Radio

SPELD NSW was featured as one of four organisations with effective resources for online learning on the ABC website as part of a Focus interview on reading.

ABC journalist Cassie McCullagh interviewed NSW Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell, about why the decision was made and whether it will arrest declining literacy rates.

SPELD NSW was recommended by Dr Julia Starling who explained in the interview how kids learn to read using phonics, and why it’s a better approach to giving kids a great start to a lifelong love of reading.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell:

I’m really happy with the feedback we have had from teachers and parents. We know this is the method that works. Phonics is absolutely the way to go when it comes to reading and that is why we have made it clear that its the methodology we will be using in New South Wales this year.

Listen to the interview here:



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