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The Science of Reading Webinar Series

Respected Literacy Experts Discuss Topics About the Science of Reading.

Learn from today’s pre-eminent professionals and deepen your knowledge about topics related to the science of reading with the Science of Reading Webinar Series from Voyager Sopris Learning.

You will learn why the science behind learning to read is important for student success and how you can implement it in your school or district. This informative webinar series explores what the science of reading is, how it is taught, and why it is critical to teaching students to read.


How Executive Function Affects Early Childhood Language and Literacy Skills with Lucy Hart Paulson.

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Phonological Awareness, Reading, and Writing: What Teachers Need to Know with Dr. Carol Tolman.

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Is the Science of Reading Influencing Mainstream Educational Practices? Not Enough. With Dr. Susan Brady and Dr. Louisa Moats.

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