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SPELD NSW School Essentials: New Online Professional Learning

Introducing the SPELD NSW Schools Essential Series Online.

A set of Professional Learning modules that focus on developing teacher discipline knowledge in literacy and numeracy. Bridging the gap between contemporary research and pedagogy and supporting teachers in adopting evidence-based instruction that leads to best outcomes for ALL students, including those with Specific Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.

Each series is themed and targeted at a specific area of learning; Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Specific Learning Difficulties. The workshops are carefully designed to provide robust and deep learning across each series, however each workshop can be taken as individual Professional Learning courses.

We have three new Essential Series workshops coming up.

See links for registration and more information:

Learning Difficulties Essentials

Learning Difficulties Essentials is for every teacher. These workshops look at understanding cognitive principles of how we learn and why some children have difficulties with literacy and numeracy. In this series you will learn about: How to identify specific learning difficulties, how systematic, explicit instruction can support students with learning difficulties and how to best make adjustments to  learning in order to support all students achieving success at school.

Learning Difficulties Essentials – Understanding Learning Difficulties: 3:30pm, 22 October.

Reading Essentials

The Reading Essentials courses bridge the gap between contemporary research and classroom practice to help teachers engage in evidence-based reading instruction that support ALL children in achieving literacy success. In this series you will learn about: the simple view of reading, cognitive processes involved in reading, oral language development, phonemic awareness, phonics, decodable readers, text selection and reading comprehension.

Reading Essentials – Essential Phonics: 3:30pm, 5 November.

Reading Essentials – Using Decodable Texts In Your Classroom: 3:30pm, 18 November.


Recent news

SPELD NSW in Wagga Wagga!

We are very excited that SPELD NSW is reaching out to regional areas of NSW in 2023, starting with a 3 day visit to Wagga Wagga in February to deliver our highly engaging professional learning courses.

SPELD NSW Holiday Shutdown

SPELD NSW Bookstore, Office and InfoLine will be closed from 20th December and will reopen Wednesday 11th January 2023.

Teaching Reading in the Early Years- a step forward in planning

Many school communities are excited by the new path that the NSW K-2 English syllabus is taking and they are ready to jump in feet first into evidence-based reading instruction. Armed with the understanding that a systematic and explicit approach to reading instruction is the most effective in reaching all learners, many schools are now seeking to understand what that might mean in their context.


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