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SPELD NSW Board of Directors

Troy Verey

SPELD NSW Board Member

Troy is a deputy principal at Marsden Road Public School (Liverpool NSW) and has over 10 years of teaching and leadership experience in English and Australian schools. His professional interests focus on shifting the culture of education from one based on ideologies to one based on science, and his current projects include developing teacher curriculum content knowledge, cultivating evidence-based pedagogy and improving assessment practices for literacy and numeracy.  Troy first began supporting SPELD NSW in 2019 through connections with the Sharing Best Practice conferences and joined the SPELD NSW board in 2023.

As a primary school leader, Troy advocates for children having a strong foundation in reading, writing and numeracy for a life of choice, not chance. The work of SPELD NSW is important in achieving this vision. The support, assistance and advice it provides breaks down the barriers that stop individuals with learning difficulties receiving a quality education. Along with this amazing work, the training and professional learning SPELD NSW provides is driving improvements in classrooms across the state.

By contributing to the work of SPELD NSW, Troy knows children and families will be provided with the support needed to achieve their full potential in life.

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