Rhonda Filmer - SPELD NSW

Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

SPELD NSW Board of Directors

Rhonda Filmer

BA GradDipEd, COGE M. EdAdmin (UNSW)

Gifted Education Consultant and Teacher, Rhonda is the Principal Consultant at Twice Exceptional Educational Consultancy and an experienced executive function coach to support students with ADHD. Rhonda joined the SPELD NSW Board in 2014.

“It is patently clear from science that by ensuring that all students have access to a quality education and are as literate as we can make them then employment, productivity, mental health, self-esteem and well-being are all positively impacted. This is my vision for all students.” Rhonda Filmer Chair SPELD NSW

Rhonda is an advocate for the early identification of students’ learning profiles and for the reform of Initial Teacher Education so that teachers better understand the developmental needs of students and how to differentiate programs to teach for those differences.  Rhonda’s professional practice offers individual tutoring programs, school liaison, advocacy and consulting to gifted education co-ordinators.


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