Professor Saskia Kohnen - SPELD NSW

Supporting children and adults with specific learning difficulties

SPELD NSW Board of Directors

Professor Saskia Kohnen

SPELD NSW Board Member

Saskia Kohnen joined the SPELD NSW board in late 2022. Saskia has a long history of supporting people with literacy difficulties, their teachers, tutors and clinicians.  A Professor at ACU’s Australian Centre for the Advancement of Literacy, Saskia conducts research on how children learn to read and spell, what can complicate this process and how to assess and intervene for reading and spelling difficulties. Her work has resulted in many peer-reviewed publications as well as tests used by teachers, clinicians, tutors and researchers. Most of Saskia’s time is spent directing the non-profit Literacy Clinic at ACU, where she leads an interdisciplinary team that translates science into practice. The clinic works with children, adolescents and adults with reading, spelling and writing difficulties. Saskia is passionate about creating change and capacity that sees equitable access to high quality instruction for everyone.

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