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Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds Decodable Readers

Letters and Sounds is a popular phonics scope and sequence that is used widely.  It is similar to other scope and sequences including the Dandelion / Sounds-Write Scope and Sequence and the NSW Department of Education sample scope and sequence.  We have gathered here a collection of high quality decodable readers that follow the letters and sounds scope and sequence, including:

  • Fun and quirky Pocket Rocket decodable readers from Australia
  • Engaging decodable readers from Sunshine
  • Attractive and exciting readers from Project X Hero and Alien Adventures from Oxford University Press
  • Retellings of traditional tales from Oxford University Press
  • A pack of decodable home readers for Kindergarten students from Big Cat Phonics

Pocket Rocket Decodable Readers

Introduce a love of reading to young readers with these delightful decodable books and booklets and provide them with opportunities for daily reading and practise of blending and segmenting skills. Pocket Rockets provide a great collection of stories for early readers to practise their phonics and decoding skills. These stories use the phonics progression in the Letters and Sounds Program.

In the Pocket Rocket Book and Booklet range there are 44 imaginative stories to engage children with humorous characters and quirky plots. Booklets are small fold-out booklet forms of the larger books and can be used in the classroom or given to a child to take home with a space for them to personalise each booklet. Books include an instructional page with comprehension questions as well as tricky and focus words.

Series 1 Sunshine Readers Sets 1 - 3

Sunshine Books 1
Sunshine Set 2
Sunshine Set 3

Series 1 Sunshine Readers Sets 4 - 7

Sunshine Set 4
Sunshine Set 5
Sunshine Set 6
Sunshine Set 7

NEW Series 2 Sunshine Phonics

Aliens and Heroes Letters and Sounds Reader Packs

Traditional Tales Reader Packs

Big Cat Phonic Kindergarten Home Reader Pack


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