School Essentials Series

Professional learning for your whole team

SPELD NSW offers professional learning at your school or organisation on request.  Make an enquiry about booking a School Essentials Workshop.

Tailor your training

We can visit your school to deliver professional learning to classroom teachers, learning and support teams and principals. The School Essentials Series gives you an opportunity to offer professional learning to a larger group of teachers, your whole school or region for maximum impact and cost effectiveness.

COVID 19 has a significant impact in our community.  SPELD NSW is pleased to offer the Schools Essentials Workshops via webinar and in Term 3 from your school.   

School Essentials Workshop Series


Understanding Learning Difficulties

  • What are the specific learning difficulties in reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia) and maths (dyscalculia)?  
  • What are the signs that a student may have a specific learning difficulty?  
  • Evidence based interventions and how they help children to read and spell.  
  • Instruction and adjustments that can support students in the classroom. 
Accommodations and Adjustments

Adjustments and accommodations

  • What are the specific learning difficulties in reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia) and maths (dyscalculia)?  
  • Information on the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Standards for Education.  
  • Skills to provide adjustments for students and practical examples of adjustments. 

Using Decodable Books in your Classroom

  • How do decodable texts help beginning readers?
  • Which decodable readers to choose.
  • How to differentiate and how to use decodables alongside other readers.
  • How to use decodable readers to support students with strong reading skills and students who are developing their reading skills. 

Essential Phonics

  • The difference between a phoneme, a grapheme, a diagraph and a blend.  
  • An overview of the phonic code of the English language, and how an understanding of phonics is essential for teaching students to read.

ADHD Goal Setting and Executive Function Skills

  • What is ADHD and how does it impact student learning?  
  • What does the research say about treatment, educational interventions and classroom  support. 
  • Examples of how to teach goal setting and develop executive function in students.

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