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Simplifying Spelling in Years 1-6

Simplifying Spelling in Years 1-6 

Teach spelling generalisations with confidence! 

What is this course about?                                     

This 1-day course is perfect for teachers in years 1-6 looking for a no-fuss, explicit and targeted way of teaching spelling. The course content focuses on phonological and orthographic spelling knowledge that students need to become successful writers.  Which spelling rules do you need to teach? How can we help students with tricky spellings? How can we avoid confusion with spelling patterns! Join us to find out!

Thie course will cover:

  • Common spelling rules and patterns for long vowels
  • R-influenced vowels
  • Orthographic patterns
  • Irregular consonant spellings
  • Complex and irregular words

Why should I do this course?

If you are a Year 1-6 teacher seeking to understand how to teach spelling explicitly and engage students in independent practice, this is the course for you!

Who should do this course?

  • Classroom teachers of students from years 1-6
  • Teachers and tutors wanting to better understand how English spelling works
  • Leaders supporting their teachers in spelling instruction

What will I get from this course?

  • Examples planning models for phonic patterns, orthographic conventions
  • Model scripts
  • Follow-up ‘I do’ activities
  • Scaffolds to use in teaching spelling
  • A wealth of knowledge about how words work!


How Words Work

Simplifying Spelling in Years 1-6 – Wagga Wagga

WHEN: 9:00am - 3:30pm,

28 August 2024

Learn how to teach spelling so it sticks! 

Simplifying Spelling in Years 1-6 – Online

WHEN: 9:00am - 3:30pm,

6 September 2024

Learn how to teach spelling so it sticks! 
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