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Understanding Dyslexia for Families

Understanding Dyslexia for Families

SPELD NSW has selected some resources specifically to help families understand dyslexia and how they can support their child’s learning journey.

The AUSPELD Understanding Learning Difficulties Guide is a great free online resource to help you learn more about how to support students with learning difficulties.  The Guide is also available for purchase from SPELD NSW Online Shop.


Learn more about dyslexia and the varying indicators for students throughout their school journey with SPELD NSW’s Dyslexia Infosheet.

SPELD NSW offers a range of downloadable Infosheets on dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia that provide helpful information for parents, teachers and tutors. Visit our Learning Difficulties page to access these Infosheets and for more information on specific learning difficulties

Explaining Dyslexia to your child

For resources to help explain dyslexia to a child you are supporting include:

Outside the Square videos

Explaining Dyslexia to family members

For resources to help you or a family members understand dyslexia include:


Parent support groups

Dyslexia Support Australia and Dyslexia NSW Support Group provide a forum for supporting and sharing evidence-based information regarding dyslexia and related topics. Dyslexia Support Groups can be found in most states via Facebook.

These volunteer groups are not affiliated with SPELD NSW but can be a great source of information and support for families. 


SPELD NSW Parent Workshops

Parents and carers are welcome to attend our Parent Information Workshops to learn more about how to support their children with learning difficulties. Our workshops focus on evidence-based literacy and numeracy instruction and best-practice approaches to teach and support students with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia. Parent workshops are held regularly at the SPELD NSW offices in Parramatta and as live webinars and can be held as evening workshops for parents in your school or region. ​


Decodable Readers at Home

SPELD NSW has selected a range of free downloadable decodable readers for parents to use at home to support their child’s reading development.


Reading Intervention Programs

SPELD NSW has put together a short list of evidence based, structured literacy intervention programs that parents can use at home to support your child’s reading development.


Online Phonics Programs

These high-quality online programs allow students to practice the phonics skills that they are being taught at school or in tutoring or intervention.  They are a great tool for families who are looking for extra practice to allow their students to consolidate their phonics and reading skills.


Literacy Games and Activities

SPELD NSW has selected a range of literacy games and activities that are a great resource to practice fundamental literacy skills.


Audio Books and Stories

Audiobooks and stories are an accessible way for children with learning difficulties to enjoy reading, and develop listening skills, vocabulary and comprehension.


Typing Programs

A range of free and paid online learn-to-type programs for ages 6+ to adults.

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