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Online programs to practice phonics skills

These high-quality online programs allow students to practice the phonics skills that they are being taught at school or in tutoring or intervention.  They are a great tool for families who are looking for extra practice to allow their students to consolidate their phonics and reading skills.

Nessy is a fun and engaging suite of online programs suitable for primary school aged children. 100 lessons with videos, online activities and printable worksheets. Introduces letter-sound relationships and blending and segmenting to read and spell in a systematic and sequential manner. Appropriate for students in Kindergarten to Year 6.  

There are also a number of Nessy iOS apps available that target some of the individual reading and spelling skills.

Reading Doctor is an online phonics program designed by an Australian speech pathologist.  The program allowed students to practice letter sound knowledge, blending to read, spelling, irregular words and word building. Reading Doctor can be used to support systematic, synthetic phonics instruction and provide students with much needed opportunities for practice. Appropriate for students in Kindergarten to Year 3.  A series of iOS and android apps are also available.

Phonics based reading program. The games and activities in Phonics Hero are fun and engaging. Appropriate for children in Kindergarten to Year 3. Accessed online or through an iPad or Android tablet app. A range of worksheets are available that parents can purchase as an additional bundle.


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