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Games and Activities

Literacy Games and Activities

These literacy games and activities are a great resource to practice fundamental literacy skills.

  • SPELD NSW sell a range of literacy games and resources. Visit our Bookshop to view the range.

  • Little Learners Love Literacy, an Australian decodable book publisher, has created a number of fun phonics based games to support systematic, synthetic phonics instruction. Many of the Little Learners Love Literacy Games are available from the SPELD NSW Bookstore.

  • SPELD NSW Literacy Resources Hub for members has a range of resources that can be used for at home practise of reading skills (a larger range of resources are available for free to SPELD NSW Members). 

  • Spelfabet Workbooks and Games Alison Clarke is a highly respected speech pathologist from Melbourne who has an excellent blog and many resources online. For students requiring extra phonics instruction and practice, there is a wealth of information including spelling resources. Some resources are free to download, other resources like spelling workbooks, activities and games can be affordably purchased from the website. 

  • Florida Center for Reading Research offer a range of free activities designed for the classroom but also suitable for home use, including PDF printables for Kindergarten/Reception to Year 5.

Maths Games and Activities

Fun and effective range of maths games and activities.

  • SPELD NSW offer a range of fun maths activities and games  for practising fundamental maths skills.  Visit our Bookshop to view the range of Maths games and activities.

  • More Dyscalculia links/resources here….

SPELD NSW Bookshop

SPELD NSW sell a range of math and literacy games and activities. Visit our Bookshop to view the range.


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