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Decodable Readers at Home

Decodable Readers to Use at Home

SPELD NSW has selected a range of free downloadable decodable readers for parents to use at home to support their child’s reading development.  If you are in NSW, you can also borrow decodable readers from some local libraries or from the Jill Sherlock Memorial Library.

What is a Decodable Reader?

Decodable readers are specially constructed to allow students to practise their decoding skills.  They are made up of words that students can decode and a small number of high frequency, irregular words that students have been taught.  By allowing students to apply their letter-sound knowledge and blending skills to read words in connected text, decodable readers can greatly assist students improve their reading accuracy and fluency.

Regular practise reading decodable books, with words that students can successfully decode, can boost confidence, allow mastery of letter-sounds relationships and allow students to apply their emerging reading skills.

Decodable books are written for students learning to read in the early years (such as the Dandelion Reader and Launcher series and the Little Learners Love Literacy books) or for older students who need more practice to develop decoding skills to learn to read (such as the Dandelion Catch-up Reader series).

Learn more about decodable books, how to select the right books, and how to read with your child with SPELD NSW’s decodable books video series

Free Online Decodable Readers

We have set out below some of the free decodable readers you can access online:

  • SPELD SA has an excellent range of free phonic readers that can be downloaded from their website or read on an iPad. 
  • UFLI Foundations have a great range of free printable decodable texts along with other free games and activities.
  • Sounds Write have published their First Step Decodable Readers as free e-books. These books are great for beginner readers.
  • Reading Doctor has free decodable readers.
  • Oxford University, Oxford Owl website has free decodable e-books.
  • Phonics Books UK free decodable readers with worksheets featuring the Moon Dog characters doing activities at home. 
  • TAP (Teen and Adult Phonics Library) has a collection of decodable stories available as an iOS app appropriate for teens and adults who are developing their phonics decoding skills (limited books available for free download).
Words to Wonder
Phonics Resources for Older Learners

Forward with Phonics for Older Learners

These books contain photocopiable resources suitable for older children, adults and EAL/D learners. The phonic progression used in the books matches that in the Sounds-Write program and Dandelion Readers.

Available from the SPELD NSW Bookstore.

SPELD NSW Bookshop

SPELD NSW sells a range of decodable readers for students in Kindergarten to Year 2 and also for older students. SPELD NSW Tutor and Professional Members can also borrow decodable readers from the SPELD NSW Library.


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