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Online Professional Development from Macquarie University Reading Clinic

Lots of great online Professional Development coming up from Macquarie University Reading Clinic in 2022!

Understanding Reading Comprehension: From Research to Practice

19 April – 24 May 2022
By the end of the workshop, learners should have a clear understanding of the skills and knowledge underpinning reading comprehension, an overview of the evidence base for reading comprehension instruction, and an understanding of how to use discussion and questioning to improve reading comprehension.


Measuring student Progress in Literacy: A Workshop for Teachers

17 May – 28 June 2022
This two-day equivalent workshop will allow teachers a deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations of reading and spelling acquisition and its disorders, how to best assess students who struggle with reading and spelling.


Teaching Morphology for Reading, Spelling and Vocabulary

12 June – 9 August 2022
By the end of the workshop, learners should have a clear understanding of current research on morphology instruction, how morphology knowledge is linked to reading, spelling and vocabulary knowledge, and how to teach morphology to children in one-on-one, small group or whole class settings.


Assessment and Treatment Approaches for Children with Reading Difficulties

12 June – 9 August 2022
Provides learners with an overview of cognitive models of reading, and how these models can guide carefully structured assessments and programming for individually-targeted interventions.


How to Teach Phonics in K-2

2 August – 20 September 2022
Teachers will be introduced to the evidence base for teaching phonics, relevant linguistic terminology and some of the most effective instructional techniques. Incorporates NSW’s new phonics syllabus.
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